Fionnuala Collins Actress

Welcome To The Acting Website Of Fionnuala Collins, here you can see all the still photos from films she had fun working in, and her showreel and CV

Showreel 2015

Fionnuala Collins IMDB

Acting CV Fionnuala Collins


Tel: +353 83 803 2064



Playing age: 30-40 years      Hair: dark brown/curly       Eyes: Green

Skin : Pale/ freckles              Dress size : 10                    Weight: 9 stone

 Height: 5ft 7inches              Figure: Athletic


2012 Acting Bootcamp with Irish Showreels, Dublin, Acting for Camera,

1996- 1998: Diploma in Acting with Distinction,

Inchichore VEC



PROJECT                   DATE                       ROLE                   DIRECTOR

“Letters from The Holocaust”, 2016          Greta              Ciaron Davies/Loose Gripp Films

“Immersion”,               October 2015         Tammy          Craig Henderson/The Thief Of Brisco

48hr Edinburgh Film Competition

“Wonderland”,            2015                      Molly                   Ciaron Davies/Loose Gripp Films

“The Smoker And Dame Who Wore

Red Shoes”,                                             The Dame           Ciaron Davies/Loose Gripp Films

“Smothered”,               2014                     Alison Shore          Andy Gregory/Red Fox Films

Leicester, England

“Wonderland”,            2014                      Molly                    Ciaron Davies/Loose Gripp Films


“A Lesson for Kings”,   2014                     Nurse                    Roland Kennedy/Say Nothing

Productions, London

“Alalekta-Phase Two”, 2014                     Mother                  Luke Mitchel/Sandwich

Productions, Wales

“Grainne Uaile

The Movie”,              2013                       Grainne Uaile           Ciaron Davies/Loose Gripp Films

“Ice Boy”,                  2011-2013              Jenny                       Martin O’Donoghue/Ice Boy Film                                                                                                                  Productions

“Entitled”,              2011 December        Mother                 Seamus Waters Tuairisc
“Cold Spies”,          2011 December       Russian spy no.1       Ciaron Davies/Loose Gripp Films

“Marks of Time”,    2011 December        Mother                      Ray Colgan


“Ice Boy”,                  2011-2012 May      Lead, Jenny           Martin O’Donoghue

“The End Of             2010-2012, August    Miss Young           Alan Lambert

Earth is my Home”,

(Irish-Asian Feature Film)

“Message from      2011 Oct               female lead mime      Bryan Duncan

The Heart”,

“The Lady With      2011 July                  The Lady                 Ciaron Davies/Loose Gripp Films

The Sword”

“The Valley of     2011 July                   Stacks                            Ciaron Davies/Loose Gripp Films

the Unknown”

“Invasion Ireland”   2011 June        Detective Banks                Ciaron Davies/Loose Gripp Films

“Down To A           2011 May    Voice over for Sophie             John B.Hare

Sunless Sea”                            (French accent) lead female,

Anime USA                                  Voice over for Ivanna    (Eastern European accent)

“What If”,               2011 March             Patricia               James Mulholland

“The Fifth Dimension” 2010, December     Fate, lead female

“Like We Used To”  2010, September,      Jane,lead female     Ciaron Davies/Loose Gripp Films

“The Picnic”              2010, September,    Isobelle lead   Ensaad Nacer Fawzi Fawzi

“Sunday Drive”,         2010, July,               Eileen Toibin       Oisin Mac Coille

“Atoms for Peace”     2010, May,                Doctor                Daniel Martin

“Director Hector”,     2010, April,               Brigid             David Mc Connon

“Demaskus”             2010, April            Mother Delores        Steven Battle

 ” In Mourning”          2010, March-April      Lead Valerie           Gavin Duffy

“The Walk Home”     2010, March           Mother Elena       Steven Flanagan

“Smokes”                 2010, March         Mrs Doran             Debbie Sheridan

“Vice Principle”

“Liquidators”             2010, February   Maureen Delaney      Tiarnan Lee

“From Darkness        2009,August       Lead Marianne     Ensaad Nacer Fawzi

to Light”,

“Up and Dowm”        2009, March           Lead Carla        Ensaad Nacer Fawzi

“Death Shall have     1995, June              Lead Rita              Joey Martin

no Dominion”

Scotland , Irvine


“Down To A           2011 May    Voice over for Sophie             John B.Hare

Sunless Sea”                            (French accent) lead female,

Anime USA                                  Voice over for Ivanna
 (Eastern European accent)
 “Glenroe”  RTE               2001                       Trudi
Dublin , RTE                    1997                     Garda Quinn,
“Glenroe”,  RTE               1995                       Maeve

“Zeitgeist”,              May 5th  2012           Frida                       Bernard Field

New Theatre,


“La Sirena d’irlanda”,     2003                 Finne                       Gil Pidoux

Toured Italy, many

Shows, Musical

“Alice in                              1998            Tweedle Dee             Selina Cartmell


Samuel Beckett Theatre

Trinity College Dublin

“Alice in                              1997           Tweedle Dee             Selina Cartmell


Player’s Theatre,

Trinity College Dublin

“Yerma”,                       1997          Yerma/ Understudy      Roisin Flood

“The Irresitible              1997            Flake                          Brian O’Hare

rise of Arturo Ui”,

“Twelfth Night”,              1997             Officer                     Derek Chapman


I’m an actor who loves acting, it’s my passion and I also study Psychology, because I like to work in depth on the character, and It’s my job as an actor to give my soul to the character I’m playing. Psychology and studying the characters back ground is the home work that I love, I’m fascinated by all kind of personalities, and acting is my life.

I have strong improvisational skills, have worked as a artist, mime artist, and actor. Great mimic. Can perform any accent. Proficient in most styles of combat,  I keep to a strict fitness regime  so am experienced in running, swimming, yoga and aerobics. I can also perform stunts.  I paint on canvas with oils, brush and knife.

I am an intense and enthusiastic actor, enjoy playing hard edged characters and try to push myself to the limit. I have extra skills in sword work, martial arts. No job is too big or small and I am happy to be involved in a production whatever the role.

Horse Riding since 8 years old, worked in stables for free lessons, and still riding horses, jump, and horse race.

Fencing, Archery, and all type of fighting skills, Karate, studied Psychology and find it helps with analyzing character dimensions. Shooting Guns,

Sword Fighting, Scuba Diving, crying on cue, studying psychology self taught (House full of books, I love how the mind works),

Singing, Blues, very good voice, Love Blues Music,

Really positive outlook,  important that when working anywhere you are part of a team, grounded, down to earth, hard working, give 200 percent to any acting work, mime, great expression. This business is my passion.

Painting, Artist, I’m also an artist.(Diploma in Fine Art) Horse riding, swimming, running, rowing and sailing,

Love Mafia films, “Goodfellas”, “The Godfather”, “Scarface”, “Casino”, and all Gangster Films, and “Westerns”, especially the Westerns in Black and White and color with “John Wayne”, and “Clint Eastwood”, recently the series “Mr. Robot”, which like “Breaking Bad”, had me hooked, great Actors, great Story and great Cinematography, and Editing , anything that doesn’t spoon feed the audience and gets the mind working,

The Smoker And The Dame Who Wore Red Shoes

dame ttt 1

dame 4



Grainne Uaile The Movie


audleys 53_out

47wu (1)


Ice Boy



The Compound


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